GPS Coop Marketing Program

You Earn Pay Points (not ClubCash) on your purchases and sponsorship credit for each membership account!

Only Clubshop Members who are GPS subscribers are eligible to participate in the Coop GPS program. Once we have delivered order, you will receive a confirmation of member accounts that have been transferred to you. If you submit an order that we can not meet, you will receive an email notification with details about why it can't be satisfied.

Since the value of different types of member accounts and that the potential benefits may vary, prices are subject to change and will be based on the law of "supply and demand". There are no cancellation or refund possible once the order has been submitted.

No personal, referral commissions are paid on any CO-OP purchases, as only Partners are permitted to make purchases at "wholesale" prices at the CO-OP. However Pay Points (which are converted to Power Points) are provided on all CO-OP purchases.


  1. You can buy Coop member accounts: these members may have been registered for a while and may already have had a previous sponsor. In the unlikely event that a Coop member has an invalid email address, they are leaving, or request by email to be removed within 72 hours of purchase, then those Coop members can be replaced if you use Coop Replacement Form.
  2. You can buy Coop advertising shares: in this case you're participating to an active company's advertising campaign and, even if we can't say the exact number of Member accounts you'll receive, we always guarantee a minimum number of Member accounts that you'll receive. These are all new members who have just signed up, as a result of our targeted campaigns.
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