Collection: Clubshop Cooperative Advertising Service

Proprofit Worldwide Ltd owner of Clubshopoutlet and Clubshop Rewards is, first of all, an advertising company and is proud to offer a unique service, exclusively reserved for our Business Partners:

Clubshop COOPERATIVE Advertising Service

It's a fully managed advertising service with guaranteed results which, depending on your needs, allows you to take advantage of the ongoing global company's campaigns, to help you get potential customers for your Clubshop Mall with no effort on your side.

Only Clubshop Members who are GPS subscribers (Partners) are eligible to participate in this Cooperative Advertising Program. They are the only ones allowed to purchase shares of the ongoing campaigns.

Once we start to deliver your order, you'll receive a notification each time a new Clubshop member (Shopper or Affiliate) account has been assigned to you. If you submit an order that we can not meet, you will receive an email notification with details about why it can't be satisfied and you can choose to be refunded or wait for the completion of your order.

The minimum guaranteed number of member accounts per advertising share is subject to change. This will be based on campaigns performances and on the law of "supply and demand". There is no cancellation or refund possible once the order has been submitted.

To keep in mind:

- When you buy Shares of Clubshop Cooperative Advertising Campaigns, you are actually buying a fully managed advertising service with guaranteed results, in terms of minimum guaranteed of member accounts that you will get per each share you ordered. We can't guarantee that these member accounts will produce any specific sales at your Clubshop Mall. 

It means you're participating to an active company's advertising campaign and, even if we can't say the exact number of Member accounts you'll receive, we always guarantee to deliver at least a minimum number of Member accounts, as stated in the Advertising Share order page. These are all new members who have just signed up, as a result of our targeted campaigns. Normally, you receive them in real-time as soon as they signup.

- Once more; we can't guarantee they will produce any earnings for you. But we can guarantee that they signed up as Clubshop members spontaneously because they are genuinely interested in what Clubshop is offering.

- Whether for any reason, we won't be able to deliver all the member accounts guaranteed for the number of shares you ordered, you will be refunded accordingly.

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