Shares Clubshop CO-OP Advertising
Shares Clubshop CO-OP Advertising

Shares Clubshop CO-OP Advertising

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- COOP Advertising Shares -

Shares of Clubshop Cooperative Advertising Campaigns to help you boost your Clubshop Bussines Building Process

Today, the purchase of each advertising share entitles you to get a minimum guaranteed of:

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2 Member Accounts

Per Share

it means that for each pack of 5 shares we guarantee to deliver at least 10 Member Accounts. But, depending on how the campaigns are performing and the current demand we have, you could get even more Accounts per each share.

The minimum guaranteed per share may change from time to time and it'll be updated here.

When you buy advertising shares, you are actually buying a fully managed advertising service with guaranteed results.

Make Sure You've Understood What It Means And How GPS Coop Purchases Work

Only Clubshop Partners can order these advertising shares to build their business.